Janice Burrell Snyder

May 30, 1938 ~ March 29, 2013 We will continue to update this memorial page, adding photos and memories as we can. Comments will be monitored and only allowed if I believe the commenter is genuine (not spam).  Feel free to share memories of Janice. Her obituary is listed here. Janice_Diane_BurrellTwo little girls, Janice and Diane, were born in Chicago to Arthur and Florence. They were joined later by Nancy.             DSCN0935 Janice grew up, married and had two little girls of her own. She later divorced and never married again. Her two little girls grew up and had their own children, and so Janice has six grandchildren. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She loves to read. For Christmas 2011, family members pooled their money to buy her a Kindle Fire. She likes to play games on her computer like mah-jongg and Bookworm. She likes to post in the Nauvoo forum. She loves her daughters and grandchildren. Janice had many family stories, some of which she has shared with family members. I imagine we will never know them all. But here are a few: When she was about three years old (I'll have to research this), her grandmother, Hannah Muhs, remarried, to Anton Dengg. (I'm going from memory on the names.) At the wedding, people were drinking beer, but leaving their mugs and glasses around - where a three-year-old could reach them. It was her first experience getting drunk. I think she said the adults were amused ... When she was young, one of her cousins (Johnny Korn?) fell while playing and came in for a bandaid to put on his injured knee. He limped around, gaining sympathy for his pain. He went outside again and while he was playing, the bandaid came off. He stuck it back on and continued to limp, only he put it on the wrong knee and limped with the uninjured leg! (Kids!)

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