Here we go again

I'm making a second attempt at doing a blog post a day for a whole month. This month is National Women'The Accidental Genealogists History Month, so the blog prompts for March at  are all about women ancestors. March 1 — Do you have a favorite female ancestor? One you are drawn to or want to learn more about? Write down some key facts you have already learned or what you would like to learn and outline your goals and potential sources you plan to check. I'm going to include women on Kent's side of the family for some of these. His grandmother and her mother were both married more than once. His great-grandmother was Ada Waite Overend Fletcher, born in England. Her first husband, Albert Overend, must have died. I don't think I have his information. But they had a son, Albert. Ada remarried - Henry Fletcher. They moved to the United States. She had a daughter, Hilda, born in San Diego. Ada died, leaving Henry to raise the two children. Hilda grew up and married Paul Rudolph Rieboldt. Paul was in the Navy. Hilda was living in Pensacola, Florida, when Pauline (Kent's mom) was born. Soon after Pauline's birth, Hilda and Paul took in Hilda's nephew, Albert Richard Overend. His father had died in a military plane accident and his mother had remarried. I think she died in childbirth, and the stepfather didn't want him. So Hilda and Paul raised him. However, there were problems in the marriage and Hilda and Paul divorced. She raised the two kids by herself. She married again, but I haven't found her second husband's name - I have a photo of a wedding or bridal shower cake with the names "Hilda" and "Mac" on it. Mac died, leaving Hilda to raise  the kids on her own again. She met and married Jasper Coomes - called "Jap" - while Pauline was still in school, I believe. I think Pauline looked at Jap as her father figure. I would like to know more about each of these marriages - what happened to each husband. The name of Hilda's second husband. What happened to young Albert's mother. I'll have to check military records for Paul Rieboldt and Albert Overend (2). I wonder if his wife got a pension ... There are more records to check, of course, but I'll need to sit down and decide where to start.

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  1. Bambi Bucklew says:

    Did Hilda and Paul also have a son named Paul, If so he was my grandfather. He is buried in Houston, Texas at the Military Cemetery.

  2. CaySedai says:

    As far as I know, Hilda and Paul did not have a son, just a daughter Pauline and adopted son Albert (called Dickie by family, but he prefers Al) who was Hilda’s nephew. But Paul remarried after he and Hilda divorced. I don’t know whether he had any more kids.

    Paul was named after his father, Paul Rudolph Riedbolt. The elder Paul died in 1912. There were three kids: Pauline, Ashley and Paul (the one who married Hilda Fletcher).

  3. Lynda Rieboldt Vann says:

    Paul Rudolph Rieboldt was my father also. He married Nettie Hitchens Easter in 1954. I was born from that union. My mother and father divorced when I was about 6. My dad had retired from the navy and we were living in Green Cove Springs. My name is Lynda Lee Rieboldt Vann.

  4. Lynda Rieboldt Vann says:

    Yes, he was in and out of my life until his death in 1973. I flew out to San Diego the summer I was 15 to visit with him, my Grandmother Cade, my aunt Minnie & her family. He married again about 1964, no children from that marriage and it ended about a year later. After he left Green Cove Springs, FL he lived in Tampa, Lake City, and Jacksonville. He moved to Texas about 1968.

    • CaySedai says:

      I’ve got some photos of Paul and Hilda scanned and more to do. I’ll post them when I can. I’ve got a busy weekend ahead, but I’ll try to get something up.

      I’ve got their marriage certificate (one of those fancy ones) and a sort of poster he got when he crossed the equator for the first time. I don’t have those scanned.

    • Bambi Bucklew says:

      Lynda, this is amazing. You are my aunt. Paul seemed to have many children, unfortunately my mother Carol Lynn Rieboldt (Blake) passed on March 25, 1999 and her older sister Sharilynn Rieboldt (Nelson) passed June 1999.

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