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I discovered a lot of old family photos I didn't realize I had. Most came from Jack Webb.


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Janice_Diane_Burrell Swenson girls and Janice Burrell Burrell-Ancestors_crop Bertha Burrell - Sheldon, Iowa date unknown Berth Burrell brother, which one unknown Augusta_Burrell_2 Augusta_Burrell_1 email Lulu and Bertha Burrell 1895 460 1910q Harry Webb   Bertha Burrell Webb in Oregon 1  1937 Richard Burrell Webb and Mildred Lucas Webb on  SS Alaska 4  Richard Burrell Webb  Lydia Carr-Caylor-Burrell-Baxter in Ft Dodge Walter_Jr__3 Walter_Jr__2 Walter_Jr__1 Walter_and_Eva Vera_7 Vera_6 Vera_5 Vera_4 Vera_3 Vera_2 Vera_1 Unknown_9__Anne_Winnie_1927_ Unknown_8 Unknown_7__Annie_ Unknown_6 Unknown_5 Unknown_2 Unknown_1 Maxine_7 Maxine_6 Maxine_4 Maxine_3 Maxine_2 Maxine_1 LeRoy_3 LeRoy_2 LeRoy_1 Leona_18 Leona_17 Leona_16 Leona_15 Leona_14 Leona_13 Leona_12 Leona_11 Leona_10 Leona_09 Leona_08 Leona_07 Leona_06 Leona_05 Leona_04 Leona_03 Leona_02 Leona_01 Lawrence_8 Lawrence_7 Lawrence_6 Lawrence_5 Lawrence_4 Lawrence_3 Lawrence_2 Lawrence_1 Group_7 Group_6 Group_5 Group_4 Group_3 Group_2 Group_1 Florence_14 Florence_13 Florence_12 Florence_11 Florence_10 Florence_09 Florence_08 Florence_07 Florence_06 Florence_05 Florence_04 Florence_03 Florence_02 Florence_01 Dave_5 Dave_4 Dave_3 Dave_2 Dave_1 Bill_3 Bill_2 Bill_1 Arthur_5 Arthur_4 Arthur_2 Arthur_1 1_Augusta___Walter_12 1_Augusta___Walter_11 1_Augusta___Walter_10 1_Augusta___Walter_09 1_Augusta___Walter_08 1_Augusta___Walter_07 1_Augusta___Walter_06 1_Augusta___Walter_05 1_Augusta___Walter_04 1_Augusta___Walter_03 1_Augusta___Walter_02 1_Augusta___Walter_01 1_Augusta___Walter_00 Walter_Jr__4 Meyn family gravestone in St. John Lutheran (Boyden), Sioux County, Iowa

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  2. melissa huyser says:

    Walter John Burrell and Augusta Hermanie Meyn

  3. melissa huyser says:

    circa 1940s

  4. melissa huyser says:

    Walter J Burrell, Augusta H Burrell with Joan Burrell Sandman
    possibly at their son William Burrell’s home in Ft. Dodge

  5. melissa huyser says:

    Augusta Burrell
    at their home in Ft. Dodge
    22nd st area

  6. melissa huyser says:

    Augusta and John Burrell with Maxine Phipps at her home in Iowa State University’s married student housing area known as Pammel Court.
    circa spring of 1949

  7. melissa huyser says:

    Augusta Burrell, around the time of Maxine Burrell’s marriage to Robert Phipps
    circa 1946
    22nd st area

  8. melissa huyser says:

    Walter Burrell, Beryl Phipps Presley, Kathleen Phipps Phelan
    celebrating Walter and Beryls’ birthdays
    circa 1953
    taken at Maxine and Roberts’ home on 1st St, Ft. Dodge, Ia.

  9. melissa huyser says:

    Augusta Burrell with Maxine Burrell Phipps, Joan and Jane Swenson (married names Newsum and McCarville), circa mid 1940s
    Augusta raised cocker spaniels and yellow canaries
    Maxine lived with Augusta during her last illness and remembered that Augusta lost all interest in her pets.

  10. melissa huyser says:

    Walter John Burrell
    taken just before his marriage to Augusta Burrell
    circa 1895

  11. melissa huyser says:

    Augusta Hermanie Meyn Burrell
    taken shortly before her marriage to Walter John Burrell
    circa 1895

  12. melissa huyser says:

    Augusta Burrell
    circa 1940s
    She worked doing housecleaning and laundry for other people
    ? if this is the yard at her home or someone else’s home

  13. melissa huyser says:

    Walter Burrell mowing the yard at his home
    circa late 1940s
    he lived here until he died in 1954
    Leona Burrell Swenson moved into his home with her children to care for him- she and her family lived with her parents off and on until Augusta died, and then they moved in more permanently and this was their home until the children got older and moved out. Leona lived there until the 1970s when she moved into an apartment at The Warden Apartments. From there Leona moved to an apartment in the west building at Friendship Haven. After several years she moved into retirement apartments near Ft. Dodge High School. She returned to Friendship Haven after several years but lived in Tompkins Health Center. She lived there until 2003, dying just short of her 104th birthday.

  14. melissa huyser says:

    Walter Burrell with daughter Maxine Burrell
    probably before her marriage
    circa mid-1940s

  15. melissa huyser says:

    Maxine Burrell Phipps with Diane Burrell Shukla and her parents, Arthur Francis Burrell and Florence Korn Burrell
    circa 1973

  16. melissa huyser says:

    Diane Burrell Shukla

  17. melissa huyser says:

    Diane and Pat Shukla, their daughter Neela and Melissa Phipps Huyser
    circa early 1970s

  18. melissa huyser says:

    Arthur Burrell
    unsure of date or location

  19. melissa huyser says:

    Nancy, Diane and Janice Burrell

  20. melissa huyser says:

    close up of previously identified picture

  21. melissa huyser says:

    closeup of previously identified picture

  22. melissa huyser says:

    Bertha Ellen Burrell married Harry McIlroy Webb

  23. melissa huyser says:

    Bertha Ellen Burrell married Harry McIlroy Webb
    Their children are:
    -Richard Burrell Webb
    -Dwight McIlroy Webb
    -Burrell Ripley Webb
    -William “Ken” Webb

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