A treasure trove

I managed to get my external hard drive hooked up tonight and went looking through the files for some photos I could use for a speed scrap on Facebook with MyMemories. They do that every Sunday night (and other times). But in the process, I discovered some old photos that I honestly didn't know that I had. They must have come from my mom's cousin, Jack Webb. I used four of the photos for my layout and found a plug-in for WordPress that does photo galleries. So you can view the photos here. It's a page called Burrell photos. There are 113 photos in the slideshow. I already had a very few of them, and the one called Easter girls is one that Jack doesn't have. The girls pictured are my sister Donna, me, and our cousin Neela, all dressed up in identical Easter dresses. I am excited to see the photos - I don't think I had ever looked at them all before. The house in many of the photos is probably the house that Walter and Augusta Burrell (my mom's paternal grandparents) lived in, in Fort Dodge. The house is gone now, but I know where it was located. Someday I'll go down that street and compare the photos to the other houses to verify it. And this one wasn't scanned at that point but is now (April 25, 2012) - A photo of my mom, Janice Burrell, in the center, surrounded by her Swenson cousins: Jane, Joan and Beverly (in the back). To be honest, I'm not sure which is Jane and which is Joan, but I can tell them apart now.

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