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While doing research last week, I came across marriage information for Anna M. Sohl and John J. Kruger. I think that Anna Sohl is the daughter of Peter Sohl and Anna Rush - the same Anna Rush who married Herman Meyn. Anna_Sohl_marriage_1888-copy The marriage information gives us this: Groom: John J. Kruger Parents: Christian Kruger, None (?) Lorhalt (It looks like None and is indexed that way. Maybe pronounced Nona?). Born in Germany (Holland was written in and crossed out), white, farmer, lived in Sioux County, Iowa. Affadavit given by Henry Sohl. Age: 24 or 34 (I'm not sure - it's kind of scribbly). Bride: Anna M. Sohl Parents: Peter Sohl, Anna Rush Born in Germany, white, lived in Sioux County, Iowa. Age 24 Married at bridegroom's residents on 9 Sep. 1888. Witnesses were Henry Sohl and John Rohder. Married by M. (or N.) Baetke, minister License date: 12 Jul 1888 License returned: 20 Sept. 1888 When Herman Meyn died in 1879, the newspaper notice stated he was survived by four children. When Anna Meyn died in 1910, the newspaper notice stated she was survived by four children. But right after Herman died (7 Dec 1879), their son Johann died (17 Dec 1879), so he would be one of Herman's surviving children but not one of Anna's. Anna was married to Peter Sohl before her marriage to Herman Meyn (according to her obituary). At the time she died, she had been living with her son Heinrich Sohl. It's quite possible that she had another child with Peter Sohl, and that could be this Anna Sohl. In the previous blog post, Diphtheria, I talk about the deaths of Herman and three kids: Katharina, Carl and Johann. The names of all of Herman's and Anna's children, and Peter's and Anna's children are still not all known.

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