Added some records

I recently purchased copies of a birth certificate, a marriage license and a death certificate.


Birth certificate: Florence Korn
This shows her parents’ names. Her mother’s maiden name (Frieda Muhs) was indexed as Frieda Ninho. I can tell how the indexer made the mistake (really sloppy handwriting), but it’s still irritating.

Stanley Dengg-Anna Korn marriage

Marriage licence of Stanley Dengg to Anna Korn (widow of Jacob Korn) on 26 Jul 1941.

Marriage license: Stanley Dengg and Anna Korn
This shows the date and place of marriage, as well as the correct name of the groom. For some reason, I thought it was Anton. I don’t know where I got that from, but it does show that memories can be false (or vague … ). This is the wedding that my mom attended when she was about 3. She said it was the first time she got drunk (I have no idea if there were many times, I only know about this one). She went around drinking beer out of the glasses that the adults left within reach. I’m sure they thought it was a hoot.

Death certificate: Anna Korn
I was hoping to get her parents’ names from this, but unfortunately, they are not listed. The informant was her daughter-in-law, Frieda (Muhs) Korn. So I’ll have to find the information elsewhere.

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