Burrell photos

I discovered a lot of old family photos I didn't realize I had. Most came from Jack Webb.


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Janice_Diane_Burrell Swenson girls and Janice Burrell Burrell-Ancestors_crop Bertha Burrell - Sheldon, Iowa date unknown Berth Burrell brother, which one unknown Augusta_Burrell_2 Augusta_Burrell_1 email Lulu and Bertha Burrell 1895 460 1910q Harry Webb   Bertha Burrell Webb in Oregon 1  1937 Richard Burrell Webb and Mildred Lucas Webb on  SS Alaska 4  Richard Burrell Webb  Lydia Carr-Caylor-Burrell-Baxter in Ft Dodge Walter_Jr__3 Walter_Jr__2 Walter_Jr__1 Walter_and_Eva Vera_7 Vera_6 Vera_5 Vera_4 Vera_3 Vera_2 Vera_1 Unknown_9__Anne_Winnie_1927_ Unknown_8 Unknown_7__Annie_ Unknown_6 Unknown_5 Unknown_2 Unknown_1 Maxine_7 Maxine_6 Maxine_4 Maxine_3 Maxine_2 Maxine_1 LeRoy_3 LeRoy_2 LeRoy_1 Leona_18 Leona_17 Leona_16 Leona_15 Leona_14 Leona_13 Leona_12 Leona_11 Leona_10 Leona_09 Leona_08 Leona_07 Leona_06 Leona_05 Leona_04 Leona_03 Leona_02 Leona_01 Lawrence_8 Lawrence_7 Lawrence_6 Lawrence_5 Lawrence_4 Lawrence_3 Lawrence_2 Lawrence_1 Group_7 Group_6 Group_5 Group_4 Group_3 Group_2 Group_1 Florence_14 Florence_13 Florence_12 Florence_11 Florence_10 Florence_09 Florence_08 Florence_07 Florence_06 Florence_05 Florence_04 Florence_03 Florence_02 Florence_01 Dave_5 Dave_4 Dave_3 Dave_2 Dave_1 Bill_3 Bill_2 Bill_1 Arthur_5 Arthur_4 Arthur_2 Arthur_1 1_Augusta___Walter_12 1_Augusta___Walter_11 1_Augusta___Walter_10 1_Augusta___Walter_09 1_Augusta___Walter_08 1_Augusta___Walter_07 1_Augusta___Walter_06 1_Augusta___Walter_05 1_Augusta___Walter_04 1_Augusta___Walter_03 1_Augusta___Walter_02 1_Augusta___Walter_01 1_Augusta___Walter_00 Walter_Jr__4 Meyn family gravestone in St. John Lutheran (Boyden), Sioux County, Iowa

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