The Christmas Tree

I decided to participate in the Genea Bloggers advent calendar of Christmas memories on this blog. The first blog prompt is The Christmas Tree. Growing up, my family had live trees. Dad made the tree stand himself - it was very sturdy, but it was not very pretty. We had a lot of glass ornaments and a mixture of other kinds. My favorite ornaments were musical instruments. We had glass ones like violin or cello - it can be hard to tell with instruments, especially when you haven't seen the real thing in person (and it was decades ago, so my memory is faint). There were also drums that had little drumsticks. I think they were styrofoam covered in paper and fabric or felt. There were also shiny and dull glass ornaments with glitter designs. And at least one bread dough ornament in the shape of a dove. I'm sure there were home-made (or school-made) creations by Donna and me, as well. We also had two or three tinsel garlands and a garland made of plastic candy. The bulbs were the big, fat kind. I think we had a glass tree topper, not an angel. As I mentioned, it was decades ago. I don't have any photos, and it's hard to remember after all this time. But that's the idea behind this blog.

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