A few live ones

In the course of doing research on David Caylor and his family, I discovered that there are a few lively characters in our family tree. David is the first son of Lydia Carr. She was married to a Caylor, but I don't know if her husband's name was David or John. I've seen both in various public trees. She married William Burrell and had William, Walter, Bertha, Blanche and Lulu. She divorced William for abandonment (I got this info from Jack Webb) and married John Baxter in 1895. She died in 1924 and John Baxter died in 1925. They are buried in Oakland Cemetery, Fort Dodge. David was married twice. I think his first wife's name was Sarah Catherine Hurley. There's a Sarah C. on the Caylor stone at Oakland Cemetery, and when their daughter Lavona was married, Catherine Hurley was listed as the maiden name of the mother of the bride. David had died by then, so Lavona would have given the information. David's wife is mentioned (Mrs. Dave Caylor) in a couple of articles that make her sound rather excitable. Family Troubles in Court (she got into an argument with Mrs. John Grell in front of John Gill's grocery store) and Women Terrorize an Officer. These incidents may be why David moved the family from Fort Dodge to Cherokee in May 1899, but the family was back in Fort Dodge in May 1900, when his wife died. Their son Ruel Seth died in April 1901. (Side note: I just found a Ruel S. Hurley in the 1908 Fort Dodge city directory. Sarah Catherine's father? That would mean that Ruel Caylor was named after his maternal grandfather. More research is needed. A Ruel Hurley left Fort Dodge in July 1901 to move to Poulsbo, Washington. Did they come back? Yes, apparently. Also, in 1890, a daughter was born and a dog was killed.) Later in 1901, David was charged with being drunk and disorderly and fined $7.10. David fought the city over property rights in 1906. His house was in an area that a railroad wanted, and he was one of a group of homeowners in the court case. The article mentions the Newton and Northwestern Railroad. I think it was later the Chicago Great Western, as that railroad had tracks along Central Avenue to 12th Street, where the depot stood. But David was still living there later that year when he remarried. David remarried on Oct. 10, 1906, to Minnie Gentry. She had been married before and had a son, Roy. I don't know whether she was divorced or widowed - more research is needed. They had a son Lloyd and a daughter Fay. Fay lived only 3 days. In 1907, his house was struck by lightning. The article mentions that the house was struck by lightning two years previous, and that another house was struck by lightning - that of Walter Burrell. Walter is David's half-brother, from Lydia Carr's second marriage. What a coincidence. David died in 1912 and some time before 1920, Minnie married John Paap. He had children from a previous marriage. The 1920 lists his three sons and Roy and Lloyd. Lloyd Caylor had perfect attendance in the first semester of the 1921-22 school year. Roy married Lillian Long in 1923 in Humboldt, Iowa. Her parents were Diamond Long and Rose Hodson. There are mentions in the Humboldt paper around 1925-26 of Roy and Diamond being charged with bootlegging and Roy charged with driving with no lights (probably related to the bootlegging). The links are all from Fort Dodge newspapers that were digitized. I didn't link the Humboldt newspaper articles because you have to sign in to read them, but I did download them. I did several searches, including Ruel Caylor. I left off here: http://fortdodge.advantage-preservation.com/search/site/ruel%2520caylor?page=25. More research is needed. This is just a bit of what I've found over several hours. I have attached some of the information to my tree on Family Search. I need to add it to Ancestry and probably WikiTree as well. So many ancestors, so little time!

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